Leak Detection for Municipal Water Departments

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Since 1974, Canadian Leak Detection™ has been offering reliable, non-invasive leak detection services throughout the country. If you suspect that you may have a leak at your municipal water department, you can rely on us for prompt, professional service and honest, upfront pricing. Even a small leak can lead to thousands of gallons of wasted water every day. If you notice signs of a leak, don’t delay! Contact our team as soon as possible for quality leak detection services for municipal water departments.

Signs of a Water Leak

A leak at a municipal water department can be disastrous—with so many people depending on the municipal water department for their daily water supply, even a small leak can threaten access to fresh water, plumbing, and more. It’s important to know the signs of a leak so you can put a stop to it right away.

Common signs of a water leak include:

  • Cracks in concrete, walls, or other surfaces
  • Damage to floor, walls, or ceiling
  • Soft or soggy areas on the ground
  • Visible mold, mildew, or water stains
  • Higher than normal water bills

If you notice any signs of a leak, call Canadian Leak Detection right away. Our team will quickly respond to your water leak issue, using non-destructive methods to accurately locate the leak. As The Original Leak Detection Specialists™, we have more than 40 years of experience. Our highly-trained service professionals rely on the latest technology, tools, and techniques to successfully find even the most difficult hidden leaks.

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