Leak Surveys for Commercial & Municipal Properties

Avoid Costly Repairs with Proper Prevention

Staying compliant with local health and safety regulations is essential for any commercial or municipal property owner. Whether you own a business, hospital, apartment complex, or other commercial property, a water leak can spell disaster. Emergencies like burst pipes or broken water mains require immediate attention, but even seemingly minor leaks can lead to safety issues, extensive property damage, and costly repairs. Canadian Leak Detection™ offers comprehensive leak surveys for commercial and municipal properties. We use our advanced, non-invasive methods to accurately locate any leaks on your entire property and then use the information from our survey to offer expert recommendations and solutions designed to help you keep your business running.

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Why Conduct a Leak Survey?

There are many reasons you may want to consider conducting a leak survey on your commercial or municipal property.

Some of the advantages of leak surveys include:

  • Reduction in raw water treatment costs
  • Reduced liability for the property owner
  • Decreased risk of system contamination
  • Reduced non-revenue water, including pumping rates
  • Limits the need for future repairs/lowers repair costs

For more than 40 years, we've been helping our customers prevent water leak emergencies with thorough leak surveys. We strive to provide outstanding customer service every single time, arriving on time and keeping our workspaces clean. We treat you and your property with respect and we even offer upfront pricing for every job we take on. When you call on Canadian Leak Detection, we won't try to oversell you. Instead, we'll provide you with a fair flat rate so that you can make informed decisions about your commercial or municipal property.

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