Leak Detection for Commercial/Municipal Fire Lines

Quickly & Safely Resolving Your Fire Line Issues

Fire lines help to keep your commercial or municipal building safe. In the event of a fire, water is automatically released from overhead sprinklers, helping to reduce fire damage and keep the property's occupants safe. If your commercial or municipal building's fire lines have a leak, it can jeopardize the safety of those on your property and make you liable. If you notice any signs of a leak, it's important that you call a professional right away. The team at Canadian Leak Detection™ has extensive experience accurately locating fire line leaks. We use non-invasive techniques to quickly and efficiently get the job done.

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What are the Signs of Fire Line Leaks?

Leaks in fire lines may be difficult to detect and can go on unnoticed for weeks. It's important to know what to look out for to quickly put a stop to any leaks.

Some signs that may indicate a leak in your building's fire lines include:

  • Visibly leaking or damaged sprinkler heads
  • Signs of corrosion on pipes or sprinklers
  • Cracks or breaks due to freezing
  • Unexplained puddles of water on the floor

Whether a leak has occurred spontaneously or is due to vandalism, it's important to rectify the situation as soon as possible to maintain the integrity of the fire line system. Canadian Leak Detection offers prompt, professional leak detection services to help you quickly locate and repair fire line leaks.

Rely on The Original Leak Detection Specialists™

Canadian Leak Detection has been offering exceptional leak detection services throughout the country since 1974. For more than four decades, we've practiced non-invasive techniques designed to minimize property damage. No matter the scope or complexity of your leak detection needs, we are prepared to tackle any project. We offer flat rates, provided upfront so you always know the full cost of your service before we begin.

If you've noticed signs of a fire line leak in your commercial or municipal structure, don't wait to take action! Our team of highly-trained service professionals can make sure your property remains safe.