The Bucket Test

How to Detect a Pool Leak at Home

If you've noticed that your pool seems to be losing more water than usual, or you've noticed soggy spots around the area, visible cracks, or you find yourself frequently filling up your pool more than once a week, you might have a leak. The bucket test is a simple way that you can check for pool leaks at home without the help of a professional. The bucket test not only helps you verify the presence of a leak, it can also help you determine how large the leak is and help you rule out other possible factors for water loss such as evaporation or splashing.

How to Conduct the Bucket Test

  1. First, make sure your pool is filled to its normal level.
  2. Next, fill a large bucket 1 inch from the top
  3. Turn off any auto-fill valves or devices before continuing.
  4. Set the bucket on the first or second pool step until it is immersed about 13 centimeters.
  5. Ideally, you want the water level in the bucket and the pool to line up.
  6. Mark the water level both inside and outside of the bucket.
  7. After 24 hours, compare the water level of the bucket with the water level of the pool.
  8. If the water level outside the bucket is significantly lower than the level inside, you likely have a leak.

To ensure accurate results, it's important to check the bucket after exactly 24 hours. You will also want to conduct this test on a clear day, as rain will produce inaccurate results. After completing the bucket test, plug your results into our pool water loss calculator to determine exactly how much water you are losing due to the leak.

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