Commercial In-Floor Plumbing Leak Detection

Providing Reliable Leak Detection Since 1974

Many commercial and municipal buildings consist of intricate plumbing systems that are installed in the foundation of a structure. As such, the main pipelines are usually placed within the flooring, causing in-floor plumbing leaks to become a real problem for property owners and managers. At Canadian Leak Detection™, we use cutting-edge technology and unique proprietary equipment to accurately find the leaks and their cause.

Unlike plumbers who try to juggle multiple tasks at once, our highlyy trained professionals focus primarily on leak detection, giving us unique insight when it comes to finding in-floor plumbing leaks for your commercial property.

Trust the original leak detection specialists™ who have over 40 years of experience.

Meter Test for Commercial Leak Detection

Do you think you have a leak? Try the meter test to determine if you do or not. First look at your water meter and note the numbers on display. Wait a few hours, without using any water, and come back to check the meter. If the numbers have changed, there is a high chance you have a leak.

Other Signs of In-Floor Leaks Are:

  • Cracks appear in your flooring.
  • You have wet spots on your floor or carpets.
  • Mildew has started growing.
  • You hear sounds of running water when water is off.
  • Your water bill increased without additional water use.

We Treat You & Your Property With Respect

At Canadian Leak Detection, our mission is simple: exceed customer expectations with superior service. We take the time to understand your concerns and carefully explain our methods and findings. This way, you can make informed decisions about your commercial property. Additionally, we show you the respect you deserve by handling your plumbing with care, always arriving on time, and using non-invasive methods.

Find out why Canadian Leak Detection is the number one leak detection company in the country and the world. Call us for reliable in-floor plumbing leak detection.