Commercial Sewer Odor Detection

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If you’re smelling sewage odors in your building, not only is it distracting and extremely unpleasant, but it can also indicate signs of sewage gas leaks. It is important you get the issue diagnosed by a professional leak detection specialist because sewage doesn’t just stink, it can also be dangerous. Sewage gas contains methane, which can cause health risks as well has fire hazards.

At Canadian Leak Detection™, our highly-trained professionals use advanced sewer camera inspection technology to accurately locate sewer odors without damaging your property. Unlike other plumbers, we have unique insight into how leaks work and how to locate them.

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What Causes Sewer Odors?

Your sewage line carries waste out of your commercial or municipal property. However, whether it’s because of environmental factors, wear and tear, or faulty installation, these pipes can develop leaks.

Some Causes of Sewer Odor Include:

  • A Dry Trap – If a drain line is neglected or not used, it can become dry and cause the trap seal to break.
  • Damaged Drain Line – If the pipeline between the drain and the sewer system is broken, it can emit sewage leaks and can be the cause of the sulfuric smell.
  • Broken Vent – The vent in your commercial plumbing releases sewage gas above the building. However, if it’s broken, it will release it into the building.

At Canadian Leak Detection, we rely on our expertly trained professionals and advanced technology to accurately locate sewer odors. We get the job done right the first time, to protect your property and your budget. Additionally, we explain each step of our process so you can make informed decisions.

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