Commercial Plumbing Leak Repairs

Need Leak Repairs for Your Commercial or Government Building?

If you have a leak in your commercial or municipal plumbing, it is important you contact our leak detection specialists at Canadian Leak Detection™. Our team provides fast, lasting leak repairs that not only address the problem but fix the cause. Too often, if you don't treat a leak immediately, it will cost you both in extensive damages and wasted water.

Commercial and municipal buildings are also held to a higher standard because they serve the public and private sectors. Property managers are responsible for the proper functioning of their building's plumbing as well as the general well-being of the occupants of the structure. Whether you have a leak because of poor plumbing installation, external factors, environmental disasters, or more, we're here to help.

When a Plumber's Not Enough, Call Us Today!

No matter how new or old a building is, they're all susceptible to leaks. It is important to be aware of areaswhere leaks are more likely to occur, so you can regularly monitor themit.

Some Locations Where Plumbing Leaks Might Appear Include:

  • Slab Leaks - Plumbing installed under concrete slabs beneath flooring is succeptible to leaks and, can lead to extensive foundational and structural damage if not repaired.
  • Basements and Crawl Spaces - Pipes installed in basements and crawl spaces are out of sight leaks here can cause significant damage if left unnoticed.

In the Walls and Floor - The main plumbing system is installed within the foundation of the structure, behind walls and floors. Leaks in the pipes can cause extensive damage and create an environment for mildew growth.

If you see signs of plumbing leaks in your commercial or municipal building, call Canadian Leak Detection. We offer upfront, honest pricing for our leak repair services so you can make informed decisions about your property.