Commercial Pool, Spa & Fountain Leak Repairs

Lasting Solutions Backed by 43+ Years of Experience

Do you notice your water bill increasing without using more water? Do you constantly have to refill your pool or spa? Are there cracks in your fountain? These can all indicate signs of a leak. Canadian Leak Detection™ provides reliable leak repairs for commercial pools, spas, and fountains that not only save you money but protect your property! Our services are backed by over 43 years of industry-leading experience. Additionally, each of our team members receives comprehensive training to ensure superior quality services.

Don't allow a leak to halt normal operations for your business. Call to learn more about our leak repair services for commercial and municipal pools, spas, and fountains.

What Causes Leaks in Your Water Feature?

There are many reasons you may have a leak in your fountain or pool. In buildings such as apartments, hotels, resorts, and spas, the high foot traffic can wear down the plumbing units that comprise the water feature.

Other common reasons for pool leaks include:

  • Extreme weather, including freezing temperatures
  • Accidental destruction during construction
  • Improper installation
  • Constant wear and tear
  • Clogs or blockage in the pipes

No matter what the cause is, our team of expertly trained specialists has the tools and resources necessary to fix your water leaks. We take the time to accurately find the location and cause of the leak before creating customized solutions. Because we offer all our prices upfront, the only surprise you should experience is that of a job well done.

Make a splash with fully functional pools, spas, and fountains. Call for commercial leak repairs.