Insurance Adjusters

The Original Leak Detection Specialists™

Canadian Leak Detection™ provides quality leak detection services backed by over 40 years of experience. Our highly-trained professionals have the tools and knowledge to accurately locate leaks and assess residential property damage. Additionally, we use non-invasive methods that do not damage a home and causes minimal disruption to a customer's routine.

Given our experience in the industry and advanced technology, we can work closely with insurance adjusters to provide accurate results. If you work for a home insurance company and are looking to assess the claimant’s home, please contact Canadian Leak Detection headquarters by calling (877) 959-5903 or fill out one of our forms as soon as possible.

When you need leak detection services at your residential, commercial or municipal property, rely on Canadian Leak Detection™. With more than 40 years of experience, we can handle any leak detection issue you are facing. Our team uses the most advanced, non-invasive technology available to quickly and accurately locate even the most difficult kinds of leaks.

Have insurance questions? Contact us today at (877) 959-5903 to learn more.