Commercial Water Distribution System Repairs

Saving You Time & Money with Advanced, Non-Invasive Techniques

Water distribution systems typically comprise a series of pipes, storage tanks, and pumps that work together to treat water that is then supplied to a given building. Most commercial and municipal structures rely on these systems to process the water they need to operate on a daily basis. From plumbing to cooking to irrigation, water distribution systems provide all the water needed to operate your commercial or municipal property. When a leak occurs, it can halt your normal operations and pose a serious safety risk to you and other guests on your property.

Canadian Leak Detection™ offers reliable leak detection and repair services for commercial and municipal water distribution systems. Since 1974, we've been the trusted name in water leak detection throughout the country. When you notice signs of a leak, including unexplained spikes in your water bill, you can rely on us to quickly and accurately locate any leaks. We use advanced, non-invasive methods that won't damage your property, saving you time and money.

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What Causes Leaks in Water Distribution Systems?

There are many reasons that your commercial or municipal water distribution system might suddenly have a leak. Much like any water system, these complex networks are subject to routine wear and tear with continual use.

Other common causes of leaks in water distribution systems include:

  • Extreme weather, including freezing
  • Poor or improper initial installation
  • Constant and continual usage
  • Accidental damage during construction

Regardless of the cause, our team of highly-trained service professionals is prepared to quickly and efficiently locate and repair the leak. We can help you avoid system contamination, reduce your liability, and reduce your non-revenue water. We test on both sides of the meter to ensure the most accurate results, every time.

Proudly Offering Leak Detection Without Destruction™

Facing a leak in your commercial or municipal property's water distribution system is already stressful enough without also having to deal with extensive property damage caused by traditional "search and destroy" leak detection methods. At Canadian Leak Detection, we are proud to offer Leak Detection Without Destruction™. We rely on state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques to find and repair leaks without causing property damage.

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