Commercial Pool Re-Plumbing & Rebuilding

Helping You Make the Most of Your Investment

Pools are the perfect remedy to hot summer days. They also add great value to any commercial property. However, whether through wear and tear, age, or other environmental factors, they can become damaged and unusable. Rather than waste time and money replacing the whole thing, consider updating it. Canadian Leak Detection™ offers reliable pool re-plumbing and rebuilding services for your commercial property. We have over 43 years of experience and have a unique understanding of how pools of all sizes work.

Our team of highly trained professionals works quickly to make your pool look like new again. Call (877) 959-5903 for more information.

Why Should You Re-Plumb or Rebuild Your Pool?

On the surface, pools look pretty simple – they’re just large basins filled with water. However, behind the scenes, there are multiple parts working closely together to make sure the water is clean and usable.

Common pool parts we work with include:

  • A Motorized Pump
  • Drains
  • Chemical Feeder
  • Returns
  • PVC Plastic Plumbing
  • A Basin
  • A Water Filter

Our leak detection specialists have extensive training handling everything from fixing the pool valves to relining the whole unit. We pay attention to the details and work meticulously to ensure your vision is transformed into a reality.

Experience the Canadian Leak Detection Difference

At Canadian Leak Detection, our mission is clear: provide exceptional services that exceed customer expectations. We’re in the business of making your life easier. If your commercial pool has seen better days, turn to our expertly trained professionals. We carefully examine the existing unit and create customized plans for you. When it comes to pool rebuilding and re-plumbing, you can trust we know what we’re doing!

Make a splash with a pool that looks line new – call (877) 959-5903!