Crack Injection Leak Repairs

Repairing Cracks in Commercial Pools, Spas & Fountains

The average household accounts for thousands of gallons of wasted water each year, with leaks being the primary reason. While leaks from dripping faucets and burst pipes are more evident, finding leaks in pools and spas can be trickier. If you see cracks forming on the walls and floors of your pool, you may have a leak! At Canadian Leak Detection™, we use our proven crack injections to repair leaks. This non-invasive process is effective and reliable.

Crack injection is a method that can reinforce cracked walls and flooring, without any additional destruction. Because let’s face it, dealing with the leaks is stressful enough! Our team uses high-quality polymer resin that expands and is pliable, to prevent the area from re-cracking.

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Why Choose Crack Injections?

Many commercial and municipal property owners are choosing crack injections to repair their pools because it’s effective and it lasts. We can address cracks quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your daily operation.

Other benefits of this solution are:

  • Causes no damage to your property
  • Is flexible because of the polymer resin options
  • Can usually be finished within a day
  • Restores the integrity of your pool structure

If you have cracks in your pool, it is important you take action immediately. Waiting too long can result in expensive repairs and higher water bills. Turn to our leak repair specialists for comprehensive crack injection services. We stand behind our work, having over 43+ years of experience. Additionally, we go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

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