Smoke Testing For Commercial & Municipal Property

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When it comes to commercial plumbing leaks, too many property managers randomly select the first plumber they find. These plumbers often do not have the adequate knowledge and right tools to non-invasively detect a leak. Instead, they utilize the “search and destroy” method where they break through ground, flooring, or walls until they locate the leak.

At Canadian Leak Detection™, we understand how frustrating dealing with a leak can be, which is why we make the process of finding it simple and painless. With our smoke testing, we accurately locate leaks in your commercial pipelines without any destruction.

What Smoke Testing Looks Like

Smoke testing is a simple method wherein artificially produced smoke is injected into commercial pipelines. The smoke travels through the system and indicates if there is a leak. If the pipes are solid and working the way they should, the smoke should come out of one of the manhole lids. However, if there is a leak, the smoke will emit from the damaged area of a pipe. This is a relatively harmless way of finding leaks, without causing destruction.

Trust the Original Leak Detection Specialists™

Dealing with a leak is never fun. However, with commercial and municipal buildings it is imperative to get the issue resolved as soon as possible because leaks can cause extensive damage both to your property and to your wallet. Having leaks in one of your main utility lines can also go against building safety codes.

Our highly-trained specialists use our smoke testing to accurately detect leaks. We are available for any emergencies you may have. Additionally, we keep you informed during the entire process and offer upfront, honest pricing – so the only surprise at the end is a job well done.

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