Leak Detection for Municipal Water Department Fire Lines

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As a commercial or municipal property owner, you know the importance of your building's fire lines. In the event of a fire, these systems enable hydrants and sprinklers to automatically go off, helping to minimize fire damage and keep the property safe for patrons and others visitors. A leak in the fire line can reduce the effectiveness of the system. This compromises the safety of your property. At Canadian Leak Detection™, we make it our mission to keep municipal water departments safe. Our fire line leak detection services can help ensure the proper working function of your building's fire safety systems. If you suspect your fire line may have a leak, it's important that you seek assistance from a professional right away.

What Causes Fire Line Leaks?

There are many reasons that a leak might occur in a fire line. Fire lines, much like any water pipe system, are subject to normal wear and tear.

Some common causes for fire line leaks include:

  • Freezing temperatures leading to cracked or damaged pipes
  • Improperly installed fire lines, equipment failure, or malfunctioning
  • Damaged pipes caused by construction accidents, vandalism, and more
  • Corrosion or breakage caused by normal, everyday use

Regardless of the reason, a damaged or leaking fire line presents a hazard for you and other occupants of a municipal water department. If you suspect your system has a leak, contact Canadian Leak Detection for expert fire line leak detection services. With more than 40 years of experience, we're prepared to handle even the most difficult hidden leaks.

Leak Detection Without Destruction™

Dealing with any type of leak at your municipal water department can be a headache. Traditional leak detection methods involve time-consuming, property-damaging "search and destroy" techniques that cause extra stress and can even temporarily shut down your property. At Canadian Leak Detection, we proudly use cutting-edge, non-invasive leak detection methods. Our process helps us quickly and accurately pinpoint leaks in your fire lines without causing extensive damage to your property.

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