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Leaks Found Since 1974

Canadian Leak Detection is dedicated to conserving water, our most precious resource.

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Our Vision

Conserving water

Leading the Way in Conserving Water

Water is our planet’s most precious resource. Yet, each day, 6 billion gallons of clean, treatable drinking water is wasted throughout the world due to crumbling infrastructure. Currently, $40 billion is being spent annually in an effort to locate and remediate water, sewer and pipe leaks. In the U.S. alone, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that over the next 20 years, $400 billion will be needed to repair, replace and upgrade America’s water systems.

leak detection tips / resources

the bucket test
test your pool for leaks with the bucket testIs your pool needing constant refilling? You may have a hidden leak in your pool. Try the seven steps to determine if your pool is leak free. Do-it-yourself 24 hour test. Test your pool
the meter test
test your property for leaks with the meter testDo you have a high water bill? You may have a hidden plumbing leak. Try the seven steps to determine if your property is leak free. Do-it-yourself 30 minute test. Test your water meter

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