Leak Detection Meter Test

Find Out if You Have a Plumbing Leak

If you've noticed signs of a plumbing leak at your home or business, including higher than normal water bills, you can perform the meter test to find out how much water is being lost. This can help you determine whether you are experiencing a large leak or a relatively minor issue. Regardless of the results of the meter test, if you are dealing with a plumbing leak on your property, it's best to enlist the help of an experienced professional who can quickly and correctly locate the leak. If left unaddressed, leaks can lead to costly property damage, higher utility bills, and decrease the value of your home or commercial property.

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How to Conduct the Meter Test at Home

The meter test can be carried out at home or at your commercial property without the help of a professional. The results can help you determine how big of a leak your property has.

To conduct the meter test, simply do the following:

  1. First, turn off the water on your property. No water should be used for the full 30 minutes the meter test will take to complete.
  2. Next, locate your property’s water meter. Most meters can be found in a box on the ground near the front of your house. Once located, note the current meter reading before proceeding.
  3. After 30 minutes, check the meter again. If the numbers have not changed, you do not have a leak. If they have changed, shut off all the valves below all toilets in your home or business.
  4. Wait 30 minutes once more and then check the meter. If the numbers did not change after this second test, a toilet is the source of the leak.
  5. If, after shutting off the toilet valves, the numbers changed once again, it’s time to seek the help of a professional who can locate the source of your property’s leak.

If the meter test reveals that your property has a leak, it will also help you determine how big that leak is. Simply subtract the new reading after conducting the test from the original meter reading. Your answer will tell you the number of liters of water lost due to the leak. Note: measurement methods vary in different areas.

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