Plumbing Leak Detection for Your Home

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According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), leaks in the average household can waste up to 10,000 litres of water, which is enough to supply cooking water for a family for a year. If you notice your water bill increasing, hear running water when all taps are off, or notice wet spots around your home, contact Canadian Leak Detection™.

With non-invasive technology and innovative methods, our highly-trained professionals provide comprehensive plumbing leak detection services for your home. We accurately locate the origins of the leak without causing destruction to your property. Because let’s face it, a leak is bad enough to deal with without having to worry about broken drywall.

The Original Leak Detection Specialists™

Since 1974, Canadian Leak Detection has been the trusted name in plumbing leak detection services for residential properties across the country. Our franchisees complete an extensive, rigorous training program to prepare them for their work. Additionally, we use advanced technology that allows us to accurately locate the plumbing leak without destroying your home.

Signs You Have a Leak:

  • Your water bill has increased without the use of more water.
  • There has been mildew growth around your home.
  • Wet spots randomly appear around your property.
  • You notice cracks in your foundation.
  • The water meter continuously ticks.

We understand how frustrating dealing with a plumbing leak can be, which is why our expertly trained technicians work quickly and efficiently to thoroughly inspect the property. We report our findings to the homeowner, with precise details and explanations. Additionally, we provide upfront, honest pricing, so the only surprise you receive is a job well done.

Protect your home from water damage. Call us today for quality plumbing leak detection services.​​​​

There is a reason why we have some of the highest rankings in the industry.

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