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Serving Alberta, Canada

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Whether you're a business, a government operation or a homeowner, we offer specialized services in Leak Detection with professional results and excellent customer service.

Who We Are

Our office opened in 1993.  We've serviced business and government as well as residential leaks successfully for more than 20 years.  We're locally owned so we have a great amount of knowledge about the specific needs and requirements of Western Canada.  We're also closely affiliated with our larger enterprise, Canadian Leak Detection, so we have the resources, training and support from a headquarters dedicated to the latest technologies and the broadest capabilities.   Our every intention is to deliver "Leak detection without destruction".  This means we'll use our proprietary equipment and our highly trained team to locate and isolate leaks quickly, so repairs can begin right away, minimizing disruption.   

Our Many Success Stories

We’ve been in business in Canada since 1993, and our parent company has been in business finding leaks in the U.S. for more than 40 years. Over this period we've located leaks in thousands of businesses, government projects and homes throughout Alberta and even into British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Recently we've had some significant projects in Fort McMurray in the oil sands up north resulting in hundreds of thousands of gallons of water leaks prevented, and many thousands of dollars saved.

Our intention is to save you time and money and resources. In a recent project we were called to find a serious, but small leak in a 20 KM pipeline, 24" diameter, leaking about a half gallon of gas at 1500 PSI ... maybe a half gallon a minute of gas. We thought it might take as much as a week to find it. 20KM is a long pipe. We found it the first day. That brought the cost of detection down tremendously. And, they had already spent over $1.5 million in dry holes, remediating those holes, fines and penalties, so they were very grateful we were so efficient.

Commitment to Quality

We're committed to quick, efficient service using the latest technology and our skilled,  and highly trained service team.  Leaks, whether they're water, sewage, oil or gas, can be expensive and can easily become more expensive.  Professional results and excellent customer service are what you expect... and what we deliver.  

Our Services

We find and usually can repair: hidden indoor and outdoor pipe leaks, foundation leaks, swimming pool and spa leaks, drain leaks, foul odour leaks and what we often call 'mystery leaks', whether they're water leaks or gas leaks.

Our Territory

Though we’re based in Alberta, we’ve worked in surrounding provinces, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia, and as far away as the Northwest Territories and Alaska. Call and talk to us.  It’s a big area, but we’re here to help.

Why CLD Alberta

Our technicians go through vigorous training that involves mastering the ability to troubleshoot and work through various obstacles that occur in each and every job.  Our methodology is technically superior and our equipment is exclusive to Canadian Leak Detection.  Combined, our training and experience in finding hidden leaks maximizes the likelihood of success.  Along with our other Canadian franchises and our world-wide partners we have, over many years proven our ability to solve emergencies with efficient, knowledgeable, and courteous technicians.

Customer Testimonials

Booked long in advance I was sent reminders and communicated directly with Jeff about any special needs. All went as planned and indicated by service technician.
Very prompt and curteous service excellent follow up!!!

Paul C - Slave Lake, AB