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Leaks Found Since 1974

Canadian Leak Detection is dedicated to conserving water, our most precious resource.

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Commerical Leak Detection Services

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We are The Original Leak Specialists

Our experienced specialists use state-of-the-art equipment and methodology to locate concealed pipe leaks of all kinds, in all kinds of places.

Leak Detection Without Destruction
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Commercial Leak Detection Service

The damage and costs associated with hidden leaks can add up quickly. If your multi-unit or commercial properties are facing a higher than usual water bill, time is money for both you and your customers.

Hidden leaks require skilled, immediate attention. A multitude of factors can cause serious problems at your commercial property- whether it's soil conditions, a severe climate, poor construction or ground movement/shifting. Our technician's use of high-tech and proprietary equipment ensures your water or sewer leak will be located accurately.

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leak detection tips / resources

the bucket test
test your pool for leaks with the bucket testIs your pool needing constant refilling? You may have a hidden leak in your pool. Try the seven steps to determine if your pool is leak free. Do-it-yourself 24 hour test. Test your pool
the meter test
test your property for leaks with the meter testDo you have a high water bill? You may have a hidden plumbing leak. Try the seven steps to determine if your property is leak free. Do-it-yourself 30 minute test. Test your water meter

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